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Walter & Alyssa - Engagement

Walter and Alyssa met at a summer job 7 years ago, and as Walter said, "I bought a lot of candy from Alyssa that summer."  (She sold candy at the retail store at White Water Bay, and Walter worked at the Cabanas.)   Alyssa's sister played cupid, and now they are going to celebrate a beautiful wedding in October!  

We traveled across Oklahoma City on a windy summer night.  Walter would carry her bags, and you can just tell that they are meant for each other.  I even sneaked in a photo of Walter helping change shoes.  I mean, did you see those stilettos?!

Congrats to this beautiful couple.  May this be the beginning of your happily ever after!

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Holland 150-316
Holland 139-283
Holland 83-154
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Holland 186-440
Holland 218-599
Holland 171-414
Holland 114-238


Computer Trouble

I would like to announce, my computer screen broke.

Not just broke.  My screen is hanging by one hinge.

This happened in mid-April along with my cell phone debacle.  So, this means that I have to hold my computer to edit photos or write this blog.  It has made my time much slower, and it will be amended!  I'm looking forward to sharing more adventures with you.

In the mean time, I have enjoyed photographing engagements, pets, graduation announcements, head shots, dance photos, my first big series, couples, newborns, kiddos, and families.  You all make this so fun for me!  Hope you are having a lovely summer.

Ashley 11-627


Spring Thoughts

It has been a dry, cold "spring" in Oklahoma.  I'm not even sure we can call it spring. Yet.  This month in my world is preparing for a second graduation, photo shoots booked until the last weekend of April (hey I'm available!), and continuing to work on a new business endeavor.  I don't want to announce anything just yet about this particular business, but I am very, very excited for the season.  Baby Henry O has been lots of help ... all those sleepless nights of teething have made me very productive.

One of my best friends, Robin Buchanan is launching her new blog in June.  JUNE!  Yours truly will be a collaborator, so look out for some great randomness and cheeky columns.  She Pins at

Look out for Britt's Eye at Tiger Lily Stillwater on Mom's Day!  We will be having a FREE outdoor photo booth for all who stop by.

Oh, and I'm getting my motorcycle license.  I already have my first three road trips planned out.  You should come join.

I hope your spring is filled with new hope and a sense of adventure.


"Because We Dance"

A fellow dancer, Alex, has always been the first one to collaborate with me, no matter what odd or eccentric shoots I put on the table.  So, to officially announce, she is part of my first series, "" that gives light to why dancers are so passionate about their craft.  I am about halfway finished with the series, then, looking forward to showcasing my work in Oklahoma City.  We stopped at Evoke and may have distracted the fellow brunch-ers.  Nevertheless, she is always a treasure to work with.  I am proud to say she just accepted a position at Delta, and will be based in NYC to pursue dance!


New is Always Better

You may have heard of Barney's famous rule from "How I Met Your Mother," but there is some comfort to that in an ever changing world.  My son is teething, and spending an entire night holding my son who wasn't feeling well (check that, crying 24/7) I decided from a marathon of Barney's wisdom to change my logo.  It fits.

That being said, I have decided to put some new projects in the works!  I have some upcoming workshops to attend, a few amazing people to collaborate with, and some great family, portrait, and wedding shoots booked through November 2014!  I AM PUMPED.

Oh, and I have a new series.  Two in fact.  I will release titles as soon as they are completed!

Like me on Facebook at From Britt's Eye View Photography to check out my "new and better" projects.

Email me at brit.c.smith@gmail to talk about spring family photo shoots, a random project, or just to say hello!



Who doesn't love a hot latte in the morning, a hearty dinner, or just the thought of FOOD?!  Photographer's Connection has a February Foodie Photography contest and since I recently had a shoot at Elemental Coffee, why not participate?  I asked the sweet baristas to mark the latte, and make it look "pretty," and they gave me a lovely little heart!

What's that red thing in the background?  It's their coffee roaster!  Elemental roasts all of their beans in house, and we were lucky enough to sneak in and have the shoot in their roasting room.

Special thanks to Caitlin for being such a natural in front of the camera and Hannah from Elemental for permission to sneak into the roasting room!  I'm looking forward to doing quite a few more shoots at this location!



Jordan is a sweet, sassy, and smart teenager who modeled for me with ease!  Our shoot was in Stillwater, and I am so glad that this was one of my first "winter" photo shoots!



Ben & Katie

This weekend, I was lucky enough to take photos of two wonderful people!  I've lived with both of them at one point or another, and man, do they have a great amount of patience.  Katie is completing vet school in May, and I couldn't be more proud.  Come back to find more pictures soon; we are doing a "season" project for the next year at this location!

Four_Rectangles 1 2 copy


A Family Reunion

This wonderful family let me into their home to capture multiple generations.  They were sweet, sassy, and so kind!  I am honored to be a part of this memory and meet some of the cutest kids that I've ever seen!

Benson 45-203


How to Prep for a Family Photo Shoot

I get a lot of questions regarding family photo shoots including what to wear, what time of day to have the shoot, what style should they go for, etc. And let's face it, you're going to be spending $100+ at least if you want quality photographs to remember your family, as they are, now. So how do you prepare?

1. Pick a day or time of day when your family is relaxed. Weekend mid-mornings and afternoons are great for family shoots. Holiday breaks also provide days where family members can enjoy the process instead of dreading the shoot. (Remember being dragged to the department store studio when you were supposed to be home watching Saturday morning cartoons instead?!) If you have younger children, just after their nap time is great. They are rested, and much more likely to work with you.

2. Work with the photographer to pick the best location. This goes hand-in-hand with what pictures you ultimately want on the wall. Want a lifestyle shoot? Stay at home and let the photographer come to you. Kids and parents are most relaxed at home, at this allows you to have your day-to-day life captured. A backyard can provide a great shooting location, just as the family hanging out in the kitchen making cookies, or playing toys in the living room give an intimate view of your loved ones. Want more traditional, "posed" pictures? Go outside! Parks, fields, farms, even urban settings are great backdrops for families. Go to the zoo, a hiking trail, the lake, build snowmen. Make the activity primary, and the fact a photographer is with you secondary.

3. Do not let the family go to the shoot hungry or sleep deprived. Bring snack for little ones. Talk to the photographer about the ideas/pictures/poses you want before the shoot so she can be as efficient as possible and keep little ones from getting super cranky.

4. Choose clothing wisely. White shirts, jeans, and bare feet are dated. Coordinate a base color that looks good on everyone (let's say blue) and have family members pick out their favorite outfits. Be comfortable. Mom can wear a gray shirt with a navy cardigan and a zippy scarf. Dad has a nice gray half-zip sweater with dark jeans. Daughter wears a cute white polka-dotted navy dress, and Son has a blue plaid long sleeved shirt. Searching google is a help too, you can find ideas like The Little Style File.


New Year, New Resolutions

2013 was a year of surprises, achievements, and new adventures.  I learned how to type on the computer while holding or feeding a baby.  (Henry says hello and that he is helping mommy right now.)  I went to Illinois, Missouri, and Texas during my pregnancy.  Graduated with a dance performance degree.   Learned a few new photography styles.  Performed and danced where I never had before.  Met new friends, reconnected with old, and said goodbye to a few as they embarked on new adventures.  Oh, and I fell in love with baby yawns. And chubby cheeks!

As the books close on the year and 2014 begins, I have a list of professional and personal goals.  Some I will achieve and some with be a journey.  That being said, I am so looking forward to making more connections and working with many new people.  Weddings are already booked for this summer and fall!  I decided to make my prices available directly on the website as well, so there was no confusion. 

I hope your new year began surrounded by loved ones!   ... and my first new year's resolution?

Get over the flu.


and the winner is ...

The winner of our holiday giveaway is Lindsay Hukill and her family!   Merry Christmas!


Before & After Part 2

This picture was taken in my son's nursery, a.k.a. my homemade "studio," where the rocking chair and door are visible in the top photograph.  Henry also had a little scratch on his right cheek.  After a little work, this turned out to be the family favorite photograph!

Email if you are interested in any infant/toddler mini sessions.

I hope you are looking forward to a wonderful Christmas!


Before & After Part 1

I thought it was time to show a little before and after action with you.  As you can see, the background was too short for the dancers' lift, too narrow for the subjects, and there is a hair in my lens that left a mark on the top left corner.  I rarely dabble in photoshop for the simple reason that I want to leave as much integrity of the original photo as possible.  However, this one needed some help!

After making the necessary background changes, only simple additions in lightroom were made in vibrance, contrast, spot sharpening, and brightness.  Enjoy!


My Christmas Present to You


Schneeberger Family

Bethany and Matt have two precious babies - Lilli (2) and Landry (1) and FINALLY getting hitched in December!  I have gotten so close to the Schneeberger family in the last year - they helped me during my pregnancy, recovery, and were even in attendance for my labor!  We shot the family where they were most comfortable - at home.

 When Bethany woke Lilli up from her nap, she said, "Baby Henry is here!"  Lilli hopped out of bed, said "Where?" which was audible from the living room, and dashed to the room to see her little friend. Lilli and Landry loved seeing their play buddy, and I loved the chance to naturally capture the family playing in the backyard.



Today, I want to make a few announcements.

1.  Welcome to my new website!  Features include a search setting, blog for clients and friends, proof page for clients wanting to keep their gallery password protected, portfolio of some of my work, and links to my social media sites.

2.  I'm officially an L.L.C.!  What does change that mean for you?  Not much; sales tax is included in session prices.  I accept cash or check, and checks can be made out to "From Britt's Eye View Photography, L.L.C."

3.  I'm a mom!  This might explain my hiatus, as my sweet boy is 6 weeks old.  He is Michael Henry Oliver Smith, and the family couldn't be more delighted.  (Thanks to late nights and feedings as opportunity to revamp the site.)  In a session scheduling update, please give me enough notice to find a sitter, or understand that we are inseparable and will join us on our adventure.

4.  To all dance institutions:  my heart is in dance performance photography.  Help me share my name as well as your artistic outreach by forming a partnership.  Let's strike a deal.

5.  To all clients:  I will now be using Dropbox to deliver your photos.  You will receive a link via email to instantly download all of the photographs from your session.  Cds are still available for family, friends, or dancers for $50.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season.  I look forward to capturing your memories.

P.S.  Stay updated for future mini sessions and an upcoming giveaway ...

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