New Year, New Resolutions

2013 was a year of surprises, achievements, and new adventures. I learned how to type on the computer while holding or feeding a baby. (Henry says hello and that he is helping mommy right now.) I went to Illinois, Missouri, and Texas during my pregnancy. Graduated with a dance performance degree. Learned a few new photography styles. Performed and danced where I never had before. Met new friends, reconnected with old, and said goodbye to a few as they embarked on new adventures. Oh, and I fell in love with baby yawns. And chubby cheeks!

As the books close on the year and 2014 begins, I have a list of professional and personal goals. Some I will achieve and some with be a journey. That being said, I am so looking forward to making more connections and working with many new people. Weddings are already booked for this summer and fall! I decided to make my prices available directly on the website as well, so there was no confusion.

I hope your new year began surrounded by loved ones! ... and my first new year's resolution?

Get over the flu.

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